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”The housing shortfall will reach 1 million homes by the end of 2010. More than 1 million children are now in overcrowded housing, a rise of 54,000 in the past two years”



• Compelling and rare opportunity to develop a substantial UK residential and complementary commercial portfolio

• Ability to capitalise on well-established network in the real estate, financial and public sectors

• Proven real estate management expertise

• Top-down evaluation of market dynamics, bottom-up analysis of opportunities management approach

• Institutional methodology and procedures coupled with a progressive entrepreneurial outlook

• The delivery of low cost housing through a potential new asset class is an admirable pursuit which will be well received

• This is a pioneering concept at the heart of positive cultural change in Britain; the delivery of this new asset class which provides comfortable shelter will gain accolades and positive recognition nationally


Compelling Strategy Supported by an Experienced Team